We care about the little things too

At Yucaipa Kitchen and Bathroom Designs and Remodeling we take pride in our attention to detail. We understand that our clients care about the small details and intricate work, so we work hard to get them right.

  • color coordination, blending, and matching
  • finish and feel
  • trim work
  • personalized touches
  • custom add-ons
  • working clean
  • and much more (there are different details with each project)

We make sure our remodels blend into the existing house, that tiles match and colors coordinate. We ask our clients about their desires and we really listen, because we want to get the “look” just right. We care about each home remodel and want to make sure the end result is a beautiful renovation.

Some clients come to us with a specific piece of furniture or artwork that they want to incorporate into a remodel, and we work with them on making that happen. Some want a particular ambiance or feel to a room. Again, tell us your ideas and we will work with you on making them a reality.

We Review all Designs with You

We consult all of our clients to make sure the details are figured out. We usually come to your home with samples, drawings, and photos, although sometimes we might invite a client to our office to look at specific examples or mock-ups. We make sure that you have the necessary samples and drawings so that you can better visualize the changes we are discussing.

We work with the client, whether its touring completed jobs, visiting manufacturers, or simply reviewing your options from the comfort of home.

Not only do we help design your dream remodel, but we make sure to get the details right. Our team of experts takes the time to work with you in the selection process. From flooring to ceiling lights, from accents to color combinations. We help with it all. Call Yucaipa Kitchen and Bathroom today and schedule your consultation.


Here are a few samples of detail work and customization that we’ve done:

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