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Bathroom RemodelAt Yucaipa Kitchen and Bathroom Designs and Remodeling we provide complete service to our clients, including updating your home to make it more elderly friendly or handicap accessible. We can update your kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. If your elderly parent is coming to live with you, we can even add on a complete mother-in-law suite. See us to update your home so that you can age-in-place gracefully, in a beautiful yet safe home environment.

Most often we follow a Universal Design approach, which means designing a house to meet all types of needs within the family. We want everyone to enjoy the place, whether they are young or old, tall or short, able-bodied or in a wheelchair.

We offer aging-in-place home remodeling services for our clients in Yucaipa, Redlands, Calimesa, Loma Linda, Highland, Beaumont and surrounding areas. 

What is Aging in Place?

We can help you to gracefully age-in-place, allowing you to live your fullest in the comfort of your own home. At Yucaipa Kitchen and Bathroom we can remodel your home (or add on a mother-in-law suite if your moving in with your children), adding improvements that are specifically tailored to your needs as you grow older. With a focus on safety, ease-of-use, and comfort, we can remodel your bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, or even do a complete house renovation. The changes could be as simple as adding an updated bathroom with a walk-in shower and higher toilet, or a refresh of your kitchen to make it wheelchair accessible, or updating entryways to remove dangerous steps.

Is you elderly parent moving in with you? If so, then we can add a full “next gen” suite, allowing them to have their own quarters that are specifically designed for their needs, as well as updating the rest of your home to a universal design that will meet everyone’s needs. 

With us, you will have peace-of-mind that all aspects of your remodel are overseen by our professional team. You can trust us, because we take the time to make sure everything is carefully considered.

Not only do we design your remodel to with safety and ease-of-use in mind, but we make sure it’s also a beautiful renovation. Our team of experts takes the time to work with you in the selection process. From flooring to ceiling lights, from bathroom fixtures to counter heights. We help with it all. Call Yucaipa Kitchen and Bathroom today and schedule your consultation.

Here are a few sample photos of an aging-in-place remodel that we’ve done:

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